Weeknotes S01 Ep06

Which is mostly about inspirational people.

I’ve hit my 6th weeknote, the point at which I said I would review whether to keep pressing ahead to 10.

The Sesame Street number song
The best bit in The Secret Life of Pets
You can get lost now, terrible 90s wordArt
  • Working at the strategic end of things often means that the value I deliver is less tangible, but influencing change is important and it needs to be done.
  • If I’m able to influence a team, that is my influence amplified, and I should be able to take some credit for that, even if I can’t take credit for the work they deliver (which I wouldn’t want to do anyway).
  • I need to become more comfortable about celebrating small achievements and “banging on about” how they add up to or link to something much bigger; if that’s not understood I need to make it understood. This means I will be telling my own stories much more frequently.
You again, dancing parrot? Don’t you have any other gifs, Sam?
GDS office views
You what, mate?
  • Sponsorship. Olivia found opportunities for everyone in our team, in training, leadership schemes, corporate contributions or in work opportunities. She pushed us forward when we were worried about doing it ourselves, she bigged us up and stretched us without overselling us.

Local Gov collaboration at MHCLG. Prev: Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre, Cabinet Office. Standards at GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.