If you have found your way here, it’s possible that you already write Weeknotes, have an interest starting, or maybe you’re just interested in what other people do for a living.

I asked Debbie to reflect on what us weeknoters have discussed on Twitter and in person; about our motivations for writing and why we think it improves the way we work. Debbie’s blog outlines those principles that all of use weeknoters share, we hope it inspires you to write too!

verb: to weeknote

to work in the open; to share one’s work process, thoughts and reflections to everyone, to aid collaborative working

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We weeknote:

  • So that we can work in the open. Collaboration is key. By sharing what we have done and the challenges that we face, we can help others find a way through, or at least appreciate that someone else is having the same experience.

Weeknotes aren’t a way to get praise (although claps on Medium are their own reward), nor a way to increase your personal profile, but they are helping us to be better at our jobs and make connections across boundaries which make us better at “seeing the big picture”.

We all think that’s a good thing.

Written by

Local Gov collaboration at MHCLG. Prev: Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre, Cabinet Office. Standards at GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.

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