TedX Whitehall Women

Trying a live blog…

Claire Eadington @Marathonshine: crossing bridges and not listening to our own trolls. “You have the resources, you have the skills, you have the gumption”

Dan Susman @DanSoos: what has the European Convention of Human Rights ever done for us? How can a film produce the opposite effect of its intention? Will an anti-war film always somehow miss the mark with some audiences? “Your focus determines your reality”.

SophieWalker if overnight all the bridges disappeared, and your life was in chaos, and what if central government said “that’s your lifestyle choice”

Investment in care.

Dr Mari Tayaganaki @satisfactory20: history of women in Westminster.

Antonia Romeo @Antoniaromeouk: Perm Sec DIT: ambitious leadership. “Leaders might not be bosses, but they take you to somewhere you wouldn’t have gone otherwise” The concept of “I dare you” be bold. It applies to ourself, apply it to your own leadership.

“Few things really matter, good people know what does.”

Amazing hosting by Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu by the way!

Jessica Ingrey. Just 16 and gave an amazing talk!! “Girls in tech need to be redefined as vital for our future” Yes!

Returning from morning break now…

Kalbir Bains @kalbirbains: “Bridges are key to diversity and inclusion. Some people build them while others burn them”. Use our experience to make things better for other people.

Charlotte Sweeney @charlottesweene: think about your first work experience. Think about how happy you were. Were you asked about your thoughts and opinions or were you just given the work that nobody else wanted to do?

Not asking questions if the younger generation suggests they’re not important.

30% of millennials had already left one organisation for a more inclusive one (Deloitte survey in US). If we want to crate more inclusive workplaces we need to listen. Great examples of learning from young people.

Kit: empathy. “We have to predict what you might do if we make changes, that’s empathy.”

Prohibition in the US, including quotes from Homer Simpson and Calvin and Hobbes. How do we foster empathy? Bridge the gap between government and people? 1. Shut up and listen, the humility to listen when people tell us they’re not good enough, and be bold enough to change. 2. Diversity and inclusion. 3. Amplify where people are doing this, creating spaces for conversations.

One Team Gov and empathy driven policy making and reform.

“We need to be cool headed but warm-hearted too”

James Taylor @jameswtaylor1: “I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it”

Ever feel exhausted and out of pace? You want to give up. Recognise when you get to the crucible moment. Be present, understand it, be resilient, respond.

Leyla Josephine @leylajosephine1: we are all singing happy birthday to Leyla 🎵 “I believe that shame is one of the most dangerous emotions anyone can feel”.

Shame is diluted by talking.

Leyla is going to perform her poem I Think She Was A She. God. So powerful.

Noah Dance: just 10 years old! Kids forget stuff! He created @wearediaryapp when you’re a kid it’s easy to think that your ideas will be ignored.

Lunch break 🥪

Rocky Etchell a fourteen year old filmmaker and photographer. Talking about why he doesn’t go to school. We are all encouraged to think in the same way. School kills creativity. We have to accept that there is a problem, focus on what children want to do with their lives, teach them about the real world.

Natalie Reynolds @advspringceo: how to negotiate. It’s not as straightforward as “women are collaborative, men are competitive”. Lots of us are competitive, it’s our default position, and that’s not bad. Competitiveness is demonised but it is essential, it drives innovation and change. But if you compete and try to win at the expense of others it won’t work in the long term. We need to marry the two, take the best from each, and we will achieve more.

“Collaborative competitiveness” I want to achieve and I will take other people with me as well.

Lord Holmes of Richmond @lordcholmes: the fourth industrial revolution has the power to disrupt everything. Crucially everything and nothing changes, humans remain the same, what we want all aspects of our life remain the same. Humanity and technology need to bridge together. How? Digital literacy, inclusion, infrastructure, talent, leadership at every level, experimentation (not failure), AI. Don’t just lean in, dive in.

Nikita Malik: a story about a 15 year old radicalised by Islamic state. How much choice do these children have? A really powerful talk.

Michelle Partington @mitsanuk: an amazing story of her childhood and into the Air Force going to Afghanistan, getting PTSD, and having to leave the service. It takes a stronger leader to say “I’m struggling” you have to let people in to help you. Asked to be in the Invictus games.

Dr Nicky Zachariou @nickyzachariou: “the betweenness centrality” connections which lead us to new communities. Communities of ideas etc. Data Beers London. Networks are living organisms and they need to be nurtured. Build your bridges.

Need to head off now. But a great day. Good luck to the last set of speakers!



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Sam Villis

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