Sketchnoting, or something like that…

A couple of people in my team recently asked me to run a session about sketchnoting after I posted my notes from TeaCamp (above).

Why did I start sketchnoting?

Takin’ notes
Drawings of some of the notes I took at the General Assembly User Experience Design bootcamp.

What happened next?

The Sketchnote Handbook
An example of notes taken through two channels (folding the page in two)
I still think this tweet is hilarious and cannot understand why it hasn’t gone viral.
Practicing the visual alphabet
Different sketchnotes with varying results.

So, What are the benefits?

Different information in a box or a different colour
A One Team Gov card that says “If you’re tired of waiting for the revolution, start it yourself”

Now: @socialfinanceuk Prev:@ldgovuk, Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre. GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.