Scrapbook your way to better project comms

Practical thoughts about collection, curation and communication.

Image: Illustration, two hands on top of a scrapbook including a picture of a dog, some leaves, a little envalope with some tickets in it. Glue, ribbons and scissors are dotted around.

Scrapbooking for agile comms

Why scrapbooking?

Juxtaposition, not fidelity

Three different examples of scrapbooks including images, written words, stickers, patterns, sketches.

1. Collect:

2. Curate:


  • who are you talking to and what might they need or respond to?
  • what medium are you communicating in? Blogs, in -person, reports, public speaking? What do you need to communicate in those different spaces?
  • How will you communicate change? Do you need to show something over time? How can the assets you’ve collected help you to do that?



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Sam Villis

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