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  • Kevin Upshaw

    Kevin Upshaw

    Technologist 👨‍💻. #TechForGood, Agile, User Centred Design 🤓, Doggos 🐶, and Garden Dork 🌱. He/him. Deputy IT Director @ChelwestFT.

  • Kimberly Richshed

    Kimberly Richshed

    How might we… make things better?

  • Lingjing Yin

    Lingjing Yin

    Head of Product at Royal Borough of Greenwich. Previously Design Director @FutureGov, Interim Head of Design @BFI. Writing about design, strategy and change.

  • Aly Blenkin

    Aly Blenkin

    Interested in the intersection between design, technology, and social impact.

  • Helen Timms

    Helen Timms

    Passionate about designing great services for Dorset Council, cycling, running, paddle boarding, interested in people, tech and kindness. Views/opinions my own.

  • Sonja Blignaut

    Sonja Blignaut

    Exploring our relationship with uncertainty. Enabling future fitness. Complexity nerd, Waysfinder, Artist, Scientist. https://complexityfit.com

  • Lizzie Bruce

    Lizzie Bruce

    Hi. I'm a user-centred design advocate with a background in content. Love designing interactive content for services, and creating learning materials.

  • Adam Groves

    Adam Groves

    Social Impact at Nominet. Previously The Children’s Society (but on Medium, I’m just me — views my own). Twitter @adgro

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