Beauty Bust: January update

This year I vowed to give up beauty buys, here’s what I’ve learnt one month in.

I typically hate resolutions because they seem to just be mostly about abstinence and not about making sustainable change to your life.

I had an inkling that this resolution would get harder as the year went on, and so far January had been dead easy, so my initial suspicions were right.

This month I haven’t finished anything other than shower gels…

Here are some observations about that:

  • When I got the NUXE shower oil in a Birchbox it went straight into the shower and I was quite excited to try it. After I used it I remember thinking that it was much nicer than my “normal ones”
  • My “normal ones” all seem to be from Poundland/Wilco and cost about £1, the NUXE one costs £10.50 at M&S
  • I didn’t know the costs at the time but the packaging is quite different. The NUXE one has lots of French writing on it – French is posh right?
  • The main ingredients of them all are basically the same
  • Ethical consumer gives a 7.5 rating for Carex and 8.5 for Original Source, I would have expected that to be higher given their brand. There isn’t a rating for NUXE.

So next up I’m going to get on these dusty Molton Brown shower gels.

They were a Christmas gift but I didn’t entirely like the scents. Does shower gel scent actually hang around? I guess I’ll find out.

On to February!




Now: @socialfinanceuk Prev:@ldgovuk, Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre. GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.

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Sam Villis

Sam Villis

Now: @socialfinanceuk Prev:@ldgovuk, Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre. GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.

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