Beauty Bust: April/May update

I’m giving up beauty buys. Well, trying to.

I didn’t manage an update in April. Partly because I couldn’t find time among work, time off, a toddler with chicken pox and trying to keep my head above the water of general life admin… but also because I fell spectacularly off the wagon in April.

I’ll do my best to explain, but with a good four weeks hindsight it’s all sounding a bit silly now.

I had booked some time off work for some DIY projects at home, and also while my parents visited. Unfortunately aforementioned toddler managed to get chicken pox at the exact same time. The stresses of wasted holiday and not getting DIY projects finished coupled with a toddler who hadn’t been out of the house for a week was enough to give me an acute bout of what a therapist might call “low mood”.

This culminated in a trip to the park with the recovering toddler which included several tantrums, nearly plummeting from a bridge into a pond, and refusing any lunch.

I was generally stressed out. So when I had to take a top back to TK Maxx, knowing toddler was asleep in the car with grandad, I snuck some time to look at the makeup and beauty selection.

Oh my god. What a mistake. I had no idea they had such good brands; Nars, Mac, Illamasqua, OPI, Rodial and loads more.

My resilience was low, and no sooner than the shop had refunded £25 to my account, I had spent it all over again.

(I could have spent twice as much).

So here’s what I picked up:

  • Nars / Phillip Lim nail polish
  • OPI silver nail polish
  • Illamasqua eye liner
  • Illamasqua blusher stick (in a really disturbing fluorescent orange before it goes on. I enjoy shocking people on the train in the morning)
  • A TonyMoly broccoli sheet mask (they had TonyMoly there?! Holy Moly)
  • A Vita Lightbeam sheet mask

£1.99 here, £3.99 there. That’s not much for those brands, but it soon adds up.

Yeah. I didn’t really fall from the wagon as much as throw myself under it.

So here comes the post-rationalisation (I’m sure those vloggers don’t call it that, it’s a review or a haul or something).

The Illamasqua stuff is amazing, seriously seriously good. The eyeliner is so good that I don’t know if I will ever buy another brand, all my shoddy Lançome Khols are really really looking crap in comparison. It’s got so much staying power that I literally have to massage Ultrabalm into my eyes to remove it, so 10/10.

I’ve worn the OPI polish once and even though it is a bit showy I love it. The Nars nail polish is a deep red shade which I rarely wear and was a complete waste of money. It will probably head straight onto eBay.

Sheet masks? Well I’ve tried the TonyMoly one just because I love them as a brand, one of my favourite masks is from there (Choco mushroom cream pore mask, if you were wondering) I do love sheet masks because they do give you an instant softness and plumpness to your skin, but it doesn’t last, I wish it did.

Anyway. It’s a reminder of just how easy it is so spend a small fortune on stuff you don’t really need. So it’s something I’m not intending to repeat over the next few months. Back on the wagon.

In other news. My mum read my blog (she is the only one, seriously, I’ve looked at the stats) and decided that instead of an Easter egg she would buy me a big bottle of micellar water, haha! This is a novel way of getting new stuff without spending money. So if anyone’s listening I’ve run out of Rodin Cleansing Powder/Sisley Black Rose Cream/Pestle and Mortar Hydrolauronic serum! What will I do without them? I hope there’s a Christian holiday coming up soon…

Oh and I’m on holiday. I’m literally writing this from a sun lounger, look…

Hotdogs or legs? Poolside, Portugal.

This has meant that I’ve been able to raid my trial sizes and bring some with me that I wouldn’t usually use. This is good for me because anything good which happens to my skin over this week might be down to the different products or might just be down to “holiday skin” – thus making it much harder to justify a purchase once I get home. I’ve been using:

  • A sachet of Eve Lom eye cream (smells nice, seems to do naught, also a full pot is £48)
  • Ren Wake Wonderful night time facial cream sachet (tingly good, effects debatable, costs £32)
  • Lançome Hydra Zen cream trial size. (This has an SPF15 so I’ve been slathering it on all day though it’s thicker than I would use at home. The trial has done really well for a week away, normally costs £25)

But the biggest use I’ve had has been a big blue pot of Nivea Creme (which was running out so I topped it up with E45 before leaving. It is useful for basically everything, especially sunburn, I have been covering myself in this several times a day – oh and it costs £2.50 so goes to show that things don’t need to be expensive to be really really bloody good.)

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