A day at Parliamentary Digital Service

Part 1 of my “Being Nosy” series

I work part-time, and I recently decided to use my “non-working day” to find out more about other government departments, or similar organisations and how they work. You can find out more about my plans in this blog.

I got to use the gif!
  • The Data and Search team have a really varied set of activities, and it felt as though getting across the range and scale of some of the work could be difficult at times.
  • It felt to me as though each of the people speaking at the extravaganza could have easily held the floor for a much longer and more interactive session.
  • It struck me that these extravaganzas aren’t hugely regular and so when they do happen there is a lot to fit in. Dan was really conscious that a couple of members of his team didn’t have the opportunity to speak because we ran out of time. I know that was done to enable other people to attend, but I suggested maybe holding them more regularly so that people could speak on themes for longer, not sure if that’s helpful but I was glad I could spot an opportunity.
  • I really enjoyed being a newbie and being able to ask lots of “stupid questions”. Stupid questions always seem to be the ones which tell you the most because they make people reflect on where they’ve made assumptions about people’s knowledge. It’s more difficult to do that when you’re embedded in a team I think. I wouldn’t want to put words into his mouth but I think Dan found it handy to have an outsider reflect on what they’ve seen, and I hope it’s been helpful.

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